WaterproofingWaterproofing is an essential part of any structure, building and home. When a building has been erected it is vital that the waterproofing systems is done according to the architectural plan, otherwise detrimental effects can occur resulting in damage to the building, structure and personal possessions.

First Works offers an efficient and quality waterproofing systems service with an effective long-term lasting product. Our team believes in safety and quality; therefore, we focus on quality control, training, testing, inspection and site management.

Our services are of the highest quality combined with efficiency and professionalism. All our products are approved by the master’s Building Association and respective association legislations. years’ experience in dealing with moisture ingress. Whether it’s a home in the suburbs, a commercial or industrial building we have the expertise that will deal with any waterproofing systems problem. All our work is owner-managed ensuring quality workmanship and on-site supervision.

We offer up to 10-year warranties on new waterproofing installations depending on site specific circumstances. Our long serving staff and good reputation in the waterproofing industry offers our customers great peace of mind.

As a top waterproofing, damp proofing and roofing company in Durban we are dedicated in providing on-site supervised workmanship of the highest standards backed up with a 100% customer satisfaction written guarantee making it possible in getting all jobs done correctly with minimal disruption, always on time and within budget.

Experts in Waterproofing, Damp proofing and Roofing

We have dedicated our years in establishing an excellent name for ourselves as the preferred experts in the waterproofing, damp proofing and roofing business. We endeavour to build credibility and trust with all our clients by executing superior workmanship, reliability and professionalism and giving them peace of mind in allowing us to do what we do best in fixing and solving any waterproofing, damp-proofing or roofing issues or services that they may have.

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